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Re: Packaging ioQuake3 instead of the OpenArena engine

On Fri, 13 Aug 2010 at 00:19:32 +0100, Simon McVittie wrote:
> - install openarena >= 0.8.5 from unstable
> - run /usr/share/doc/ioquake3/examples/openarena - that's ioquake3 playing
>   OpenArena (i.e. what openarena should be like in squeeze+1)

openarena 0.8.5-5+exp1 in experimental uses the shared ioquake3 engine. It
still contains source code for the engine to avoid needing a new orig tarball,
but it isn't built, and I've removed all the patches that were previously
applied to it.

I plan to upload this to unstable just after squeeze is released, and omit
the engine from the orig tarball for the next OA upstream release.

> - if you have quake3-data, run /usr/share/doc/ioquake3/examples/quake3 -
>   that's the exact same binary playing Quake III: Arena :-)

quake3 in pkg-games git does the right thing. You can make the required
quake3-data package with my quake3 branch of game-data-packager.

On which subject: Jon, may I merge the quake3 branch, and upload it to
experimental as version 23? We can use 22.1 etc. if we need updates for
squeeze, and having a way to make quake3-data is the last thing we need
before quake3 can go into NEW.


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