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Re: Packaging ioQuake3 instead of the OpenArena engine

On Sun, Oct 17, 2010 at 09:18:38PM +0100, Simon McVittie wrote:
> On which subject: Jon, may I merge the quake3 branch, and upload it to
> experimental as version 23? We can use 22.1 etc. if we need updates for
> squeeze, and having a way to make quake3-data is the last thing we need
> before quake3 can go into NEW.

Please, yes.  I held off merging it was it conflicts with the rott branch
(we've both solved the same problem with slipstream_file, afaik, in slightly
different ways).  But I haven't had any time in ages to merge the rott branch,
so we'll just deal with the conflict at that time. Let's get the quake3 stuff

I was going to suggest that you had a brief glance at the rott branch to see if
there's anything in there worth cherry picking - I recall at the time I last
worked on this doing a lot of gdp restructuring to support a non-doom thing,
but I may have merged all that.  However, I just peaked at "gitk --all" and
confused myself, so that might be a bit of a large request.  Just merge quake3 :)

Thanks for all your work on making quake3 support in Debian so great :-)

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