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Re: wormux Debian package

Felix Geyer a scris:
> Hi,


> I'd like to get the wormux package updated to the new upstream version
> and posted a message about it on debian-devel-games:
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-games/2010/05/msg00002.html

Thanks for wanting to take up the package. I haven't been actively
contributing for Debian for about a year now and I am considering
officially resigning from Debian (I just don't have the time).

> Could you please post your opinion about it?

I think that you should ask the team for a review of the source package
and an upload, if the package is OK. Unfortunately I have very little
time, but since you changed the packaging this close to the freeze, I
would advice first an upload with the old packaging to be sure a new
wormux ends up in squeeze, then try the new packaging (just MHO).

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