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Re: Re: OpenArena DFSG-fixing

> I'd say openarena/quake3 could just contain the data, desktop file,
> wrapper script etc, no need for openarena-data or quake3-data.

For openarena, we'd probably still need openarena to be
architecture-dependent so it can contain the .so files that replace the
missing QVMs (which can't be compiled with a free compiler, see the bugs
I worked on); it might as well contain the desktop file/wrapper
script/icon too, since those are tiny.

At that point, openarena-data should probably remain a separate source
package just because it's huge; no point having the buildds download
hundreds of MB of openarena-data just to compile the comparatively small
game code .so files :-)

For quake3, quake3-data (proprietary and non-distributable) would be
produced on end users' systems by game-data-packager, so I think it'd be
advantageous to put as little in it as possible beyond the pk3 files.
Anything that ends up in quake3-data would have to be embedded in
game-data-packager, and updated versions wouldn't take effect until the
user constructed and installed a new quake3-data deb. We can't usefully
modify the id Software pk3 files *anyway*, so that's not a problem for
them, but I think the launcher/.desktop file ought to be in a proper
package in the (contrib) archive so any bugs in them can easily be fixed.

In any case, it might be interesting to use the same mechanisms that I
used in OA to compile the former QVMs as native code while pretending
for network compatibility that the QVMs are still in use, though, since
I believe ioquake3 includes source for them? It'd be one less piece of
sourceless code running on the user's system, and once source has been
found for them, it's probably easy to check that it is really the
source, by verifying that the non-free compiler - whose source code we
do have - produces exactly the same QVM binary that id Software shipped.

Knowing that, we can hopefully compile it to native code with a free
compiler, meaning that bugfixes, and potentially even server-side tweaks
like Unlagged, can be added - as long as they preserve network
compatibility with the "real" Quake 3. You'd still need the proprietary
data files to actually play it, so at best it's contrib, but...


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