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spring and -march=i686

Hi all,
talking to spring upstream about #563686 (FTBFS on arch != i386 and amd64), I 
made a fix to skip -march=i686 in case a long is 4 bytes! (I know, I know...).

But upstream says that for online game both i686 and SSE are needed to not 
having problem in desyncs.

This is not a problem for amd64 which surely have SSE and comply to x387 
floating extensions (whatever this could mean nowadays), but I wonder if I can 
specify for i386 arch both -"SSE" and -march=i686 flags or shall I (as in 
debian policy says) provide a just a i486 binary for i386 arch even if the 
game cannot probably run if the hardware isn't big enough and since it needs 
anyway an recent (1.4, 2.0) OpenGL card too in order to be runt.

There is a policy which says that -march should never be passed to binary 

Shall I provide 2 i386 binary packages? an useless "spring" and an useful 
"spring-i686" which just differs in gcc flags?

I'm clueless, please give me some hints.


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