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Re: OpenArena DFSG-fixing

On Wed, Jan 20, 2010 at 11:33 AM, Simon McVittie <smcv@debian.org> wrote:

> I've attached patches to bugs on openarena and openarena-data to address the
> issue of sourceless QVMs (bytecode files) in openarena-data (not only do we
> not distribute source, but they need a non-free compiler). However, I don't
> feel that I should upload such major changes without review from someone who
> knows this codebase better, so I haven't done an NMU or games-team upload
> (since working on those bugs I've joined the games team to work on
> game-data-packager). Could someone have a look, please?
> It'd also be great if someone who is in touch with upstream could talk to them
> about this, as it'll probably continue to be a problem in future.

I imagine that would be goneri and or fuddl? Probably best to fix this
upstream first anyway.

> In the long term, it'd be good if OpenArena could use a shared ioquake3 source
> package (perhaps with multiple differently-patched or differently-configured
> builds like linux-2.6, to allow for OpenArena changes?), so we could have
> ioquake3 (engine-only support package in /usr/lib/ioquake3), openarena
> (wrapper scripts, .desktop etc.) and openarena-data in main, quake3 (wrapper
> scripts etc.) in contrib, and quake3-data non-distributable but produced on
> users' systems using game-data-packager.

I'd say openarena/quake3 could just contain the data, desktop file,
wrapper script etc, no need for openarena-data or quake3-data.

> Ideally, we could then ship World of Padman and/or Urban Terror on a similar
> basis (patched or unpatched ioquake3 in contrib or main for the engine,
> wrapper scripts in contrib, art and other data in non-free).

I imagine most of these have forked the engine, probably significantly?



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