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Re: Modification of Nettoe

2009/11/30 Ansgar Burchardt <ansgar@43-1.org>:

> Git makes it easy to submit patches by email.  This is also convenient
> when having no commit rights.  In the history credit is also given to
> the person providing the patch (the committer is shown as well).

Another nice related aspect is that git uses (globally unique) Name
<foo@example.com> for authorship information instead of locally-unique
account names.

> Every object (file, commit) in Git is secured with a cryptographic hash,
> tags can be signed using PGP.  This makes a compromise of the repository
> much harder.

Unfortunately git currently uses SHA1, which is on the way out now:


(/me still needs to create a new GPG key that doesn't use SHA1)




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