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Re: Modification of Nettoe

On Mon, Nov 30, 2009 at 02:38, Paul Wise <pabs@debian.org> wrote:
Any of the DVCS is better than using SVN or CVS, even for a project
with 0-1 contributors. I personally always use a DVCS for upstream
projects, for those that refuse to use one I always use a DVCS
interface to SVN/CVS/etc. If a project uses CVS or SVN I'm a lot less
likely to check out the source code and or contribute to it. The main
useful feature of DVCS in this case is that they're distributed so
hitting the network isn't necessary (see Linus' talk/rant about this),
resulting in a vast speed increase. After that, easy branching is
probably the most useful feature for a project of this size.

From what I understand, DVCS'es create a copy of entire repository on local disk, an entire history, right? Do I, as a dev, need the entire history of the project on my local disk? Not really, even as-is having SVN create a full copy is too much for me. I have 2 operating systems on my 60gb HDD and each is stuffed full of software and data. 

Besides, check-out of project's entire history probably creates more traffic than check-out of just the latest data. While it may be neat to have history of the project at your fingertips at any single moment, in practice I've found I very rarely dig into old history, and almost never through CLI. At most, I use revert into latest fetched revision.

I didn't take my time to study git or any other DVCS; but, from comments I saw around the net I think I have some understanding of why they exist and how they are used. Based on my understanding, DVCS'es aren't really a cure-for-all. Projects that large time before a patch can be created and where it would be convenient to see history of how the patch was created. But, do I need it when I can commit every 30 min or less, and not break the build? Can't the history be inferred from single commit log by those 2 other guys that work on the code? How often do we need to branch? 

How often will developer(s) of nettoe do that? How often will they need a local copy of entire repo?

Please correct me if any of my presumptions about DVCS are wrong, I'd love to correct any misunderstandings I may have.


Ivan Vučica

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