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Modification of Nettoe


let me pose a half-way general question. It is a fairly
common viewpoint, that the packaging of software for
Debian GNU/Linux should be very restrictive in altering
the original upstream source code.

Now, Nettoe has been untouched since 2001. Using either
of its built in, so called AI-modes, Nettoe plays deter-
ministically identical every time, making these modes
boring after having played four rounds.

However, by a straighforward modification, using
references to the nine positions on the 3x3-grid,
it is easy to randomize the board, using only three
generators from the symmetry group for the board,
to let the untouched hard coded "intelligence" of
Nettoe work on a randomly chosen internal view of
the board. The view being fixed for the duration
of one game. The eight possible different views
indeed do restore the expected play variation as
displayed by the computer controlled player, thus
very much improving these modes of play. I have
built a new deb-package using this code, and the
machine is not repeating itself anymore.

But, would such a code change be accepted by the
Debian Games Team for release in a binary backage?
I did implement it with Quilt, so it is elementary
to activate or deactivate its build inclusion in
the source package.

Kind regards,

Mats Erik Andersson

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