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Re: Modification of Nettoe

On Sat, Nov 28, 2009 at 6:28 PM, Mats Erik Andersson
<mats.andersson@gisladisker.se> wrote:

> let me pose a half-way general question. It is a fairly
> common viewpoint, that the packaging of software for
> Debian GNU/Linux should be very restrictive in altering
> the original upstream source code.
> Now, Nettoe has been untouched since 2001. Using either
> of its built in, so called AI-modes, Nettoe plays deter-
> ministically identical every time, making these modes
> boring after having played four rounds.

The right thing to do is talk to upstream about this. Since upstream
seems to have completely abandoned the project, you might need to just
hijack the project, unless they reply to your mails and add you to the
project. If they don't answer email, please hijack the project by
following this procedure:


Once you have admin access to the project you can do the following suggestions:

Migrate it to a more modern VCS (I'd suggest git)

Fix the items in the tracker

Add your patch for board randomization

Use 'whohas nettoe' to find patches and bugs from the various linux distros

Run it through valgrind and various other bug detectors

Release a new version and announce it on freshmeat.net and the FSF
free software directory.

Search youtube and the web, you might find some ports of the game. I
found PSP ports and other patches like this.

Put a call-out for additional maintainers, suggested places include
the maintainers of the package in various distros, the freedesktop
games list and the gentoo and fedora games lists.



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