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Re: spring debian package

2009/10/1 Stuckey <james.stuckey@stud-mail.uni-wuerzburg.de>:
> While I'm not aware of the standards for alpha review,

I meant nothing of special, please just look at my work and comment, I
uploaded a spring package on mentors and I had some feed back from IRC
channel #debian-games.

>I'll point out that
> springlobby (used to connect to servers hosting the games) seems to have a
> lot of problems. It crashed 50% of the time while I was testing the latest
> upstream (0.19 at the time).

I'm using springlobby 0.23 with a lot of success and no particular
crashes. When I'll package that one too I'll tell on the debian-games
mailing list; are you subscribed?

> The spring upstream tarball contains two binaries: spring-engine and
> spring-dedicated. The latter is used to run a server to host games. It would
> be nice if you could figure out how to make the package build both.

In that case the package should be split in 3 since probably they need
to share a lot of common data.

> Spring-dedicated isn't however all that is needed to run a dedicated server.
> A script called SPADS[0] is also needed, of which only basic configuration
> is possible since its features haven't yet been documented by its author.

After having a random gamer packaging that works I think that having
spads or a more fined control over packagein could be desired,
meanwhile my target is to have the engine, the lobby, some mods and
some maps in sid ASAP, this game really rocks.

> It's good to see that someone else has interest in spring. I find the
> accomplishments of this project to be nothing less than spectacular. I wish
> only that springlobby were a bit more mature, since you need it to play the
> game. It's also worth mentioning that springlobby has the ability to
> distribute via libtorrent the "Mods" and maps which are also required.

Yes, I'm online after 22 CET often under "tigellino" nick.


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