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Re: starfighter bugs, source package

> Barry deFreese wrote:
> > Matthew Lockner wrote:
> >> Hello,
> >>
> >> I'd be willing to at least look at some of the bugs listed for 
> >> starfighter in the interests of a good faith effort toward keeping it 
> >> maintained within Debian (with no guarantees I'd manage to fix any).  
> >> It's a fun little game, it'd be a shame to lose it.  In a decade of 
> >> usage I've never managed to wrap my head around Debian's arcane 
> >> packaging methodologies, though, so any deliverables would likely 
> >> come in the form of simple patches.
> >>
> >> I wanted to look over the source tonight, but it seems "apt-get 
> >> source starfighter" doesn't work.  Any guesses what the story is on 
> >> that?
> >>
> >> Cheers,
> >> Matthew Lockner
> >>
> > Matthew,
> >
> > If you can help fix some of the issues, I'm happy to integrate them 
> > into the packaging.  The biggest issue right now is going to be the 
> > non-free data (music and images).
> >
> > And apt-get source starfighter should work unless you are running 
> > testing, because it isn't in testing at the moment because of the RC 
> > bug.  You can get it from unstable.
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Barry deFreese
> > Debian Games Team
> >
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> Moving this to debian-devel-games.
> Matthew,
> I've been looking at the Starfighter code this morning.  There is a lot 
> of work to do on it with regards to the non-free music/icons/images (not 
> to mention the 15+ bugs).  Unless you have a lot of time to spend 
> tracking down some authors/licenses/copyright (or to find replacements 
> for the non-free content), I don't think we have much of a choice but to 
> remove Starfighter, at least for now.

The music is all MOD files, and for kicks I tried tracking down a couple of them
by just punching the title and author into Google, and they came right up.  If
they're all archived on the same site (or even just a few sites), maybe they'd
all have an agreeable license and we could knock out that part fairly easily.

The SFX and images would be another story.  The powerup icons could be trivally
replaced with rendered spheres, but the faces and ships and such might be
trickier.  Maybe there'd be some metadata in the image files usable for web

Give me a week or so and I'll try to get a better idea.

> I'm also not convinced that upstream even cares about Starfighter 
> anymore unfortunately.

I take it someone tried asking them where they found the non-free content at
least?  Even that much would go a long way.

M. Lockner

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