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Git repository's and topgit

Hi Team,

I seem some interesting discussions w.r.t the pros and cons of Git and
SVN on this list in recent times. But something that i have not seen
come up is the subject of topgit used with a git repository. Just want
to iterate that i'm only providing information and i don't want to start
a war over Git vs SVN. That has been well discussed previously and i
hope this information is useful to the games team in general.

I currently have a git repository with in the Games team's Alioth space
(slviewer.git) which i am actively maintaining with the hope that one
day when some blockers are resolved it may be included within Debian
(i am *very* actively working with upstream). The slviewer.git on Alioth
is currently a git repository that also contains patches in a quilt
format which are used to generate the debian source package etc. Now
having patches in a quilt format always seemed to be to not be utilising
the power of git, but was probably a logical step for me when migrating
from a svn repository and being use to svn in general.

A friend and myself have recently been working on is a git repository
combined with topgit to provide patch management using git. This seems
to so far be very successful and may be the solution I was looking for
with patch management and Git. The way topgit works is to keep patches
as separate "topic" branches from master or upstream. Each patch can be
worked on in isolation and/or can depend on other patches.

When you come to build the package, a makefile snippet applied in
debian/rules patch: target will take all the topic branches and form a
series of quilt patches for you, ready for the Debian source package

Importing a new upstream is fairly painless too, import as normal using
git-import-orig, then use topgit to merge all topic branches, you
resolve any conflicts (eg an out of date patch) by rebasing in that
patches topic branch. As you can work on each patch independently this
seemed IMHO a nice work flow.

The 0.5 version of topgit has very recently hit unstable.

Hope this info was useful for any team members using git for their



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