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Re: Git repository's and topgit

2008/11/23 Robin Cornelius <robin.cornelius@gmail.com>:
> Hi Team,

Hi :)

> I seem some interesting discussions w.r.t the pros and cons of Git and
> SVN on this list in recent times. But something that i have not seen
> come up is the subject of topgit used with a git repository. Just want
> to iterate that i'm only providing information and i don't want to start
> a war over Git vs SVN. That has been well discussed previously and i
> hope this information is useful to the games team in general.

It would be better if we stopped adding disclaimers every time we talk
about sensitive topics. My personal view is that open discussions are
always positive for the projects as long as they're carried out with
respect and politely. So far we have never had any problems in the
Games Team in that sense, and they're obviously not expected, so
please all of you free confident enough to openly discuss any topic
related to the group. Open discussion is welcome, honest! :)

> Hope this info was useful for any team members using git for their
> repository.

It is, thanks! :)


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