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Re: Git repository's and topgit

Robin Cornelius schrieb:
> Hi Team,


> [...]
> When you come to build the package, a makefile snippet applied in
> debian/rules patch: target will take all the topic branches and form a
> series of quilt patches for you, ready for the Debian source package
> generation.
> Importing a new upstream is fairly painless too, import as normal using
> git-import-orig, then use topgit to merge all topic branches, you
> resolve any conflicts (eg an out of date patch) by rebasing in that
> patches topic branch. As you can work on each patch independently this
> seemed IMHO a nice work flow.
> The 0.5 version of topgit has very recently hit unstable.
> Hope this info was useful for any team members using git for their
> repository.

  Just converted xwelltris to topgit to give it an try, looks very
usefull indeed (and can't be easier as far as I have come). Thanks for
this usefull pointer!

> Regards
> Robin



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