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Re: Git repository's and topgit

Robin Cornelius a scris:
> Hi Team,


> A friend and myself have recently been working on is a git repository
> combined with topgit to provide patch management using git. This seems
> to so far be very successful and may be the solution I was looking for
> with patch management and Git. The way topgit works is to keep patches
> as separate "topic" branches from master or upstream. Each patch can be
> worked on in isolation and/or can depend on other patches.
> When you come to build the package, a makefile snippet applied in
> debian/rules patch: target will take all the topic branches and form a
> series of quilt patches for you, ready for the Debian source package
> generation.
> Importing a new upstream is fairly painless too, import as normal using
> git-import-orig, then use topgit to merge all topic branches, you
> resolve any conflicts (eg an out of date patch) by rebasing in that
> patches topic branch. As you can work on each patch independently this
> seemed IMHO a nice work flow.

As I can understand, topgit should provide a way to work with changes
directly and then transforming them into patches.

Is this much more convenient than adding a branch upstream+patches which
is rebased with every new release and converted to quilt patches with a
mechanism like Pierre Habouzit presented a while back?

Basically there is a special target called refresh-patches which does this:

refresh-patches: check-tarball
	@echo 'refreshing debian/patches:'
	@rm -rf '$(CURDIR)'/debian/patches
	@mkdir -p '$(CURDIR)'/debian/patches
	@cd '$(CURDIR)'/debian/patches && git format-patch upstream..upstream+patches
	@echo .

> The 0.5 version of topgit has very recently hit unstable.
> Hope this info was useful for any team members using git for their
> repository.

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