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Re: Re: Vacuum music files licenses

> From:   UPi <upi@apocalypse.rulez.org>

> With the exception of hyper.mod, these are all from modarchive. According to
> http://modarchive.org/index.php?common-uploadconditions, these files are
> free to redistribute.

Here are the relevant terms:

• 1.2, License to redistribute. By providing a song/file to
modarchive.com you furthermore agree to give anyone who wishes to
redistribute your song/file a license to download the song/file from
modarchive.com and do so, provided it has stayed in its original,
unmodified form.

Looks like we could distribute them in non-free only (no
modifications) unless we can get another licence from the authors or
they put the stuff in the public domain.

> Now hyper.mod is part of the Ur-quan Masters (previously known as Star
> Control 2), and is available under the Creative Commons
> Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 license, according to
> http://wiki.uqm.stack.nl/The_Ur-Quan_Masters_Project_FAQ#Under_what_license_is_the_game_released.3F

NC = non-free
2.5 = non-free



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