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Fwd: Re: Vacuum music files licenses

Sorry for the top-post but does anyone have any thoughts on this? I don't see a specific license on modarchive??


Barry deFreese

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Subject: 	Re: Vacuum music files licenses.
Date: 	Thu, 22 May 2008 19:49:36 +0200
From: 	UPi <upi@apocalypse.rulez.org>
To: 	Barry deFreese <bddebian@comcast.net>
References: 	<4835A844.1070309@comcast.net>

Hi Barry,

With the exception of hyper.mod, these are all from modarchive. According to http://modarchive.org/index.php?common-uploadconditions, these files are free to redistribute.

Now hyper.mod is part of the Ur-quan Masters (previously known as Star Control 2), and is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 license, according to http://wiki.uqm.stack.nl/The_Ur-Quan_Masters_Project_FAQ#Under_what_license_is_the_game_released.3F


Barry deFreese wrote:

Hi. I was able to get most of the copyright holders using strings on the music files but haven't had much luck on the licensing side. Do you have any idea what the licensing for some of these files are or where to find it? It appears that most of them came from modarchive?

Here is the list (I'm also still missing a couple of copyright holders if you have a clue there also):

data/music/1352-nomorenoise.mod: (C)1997 Carl Larsson <nightbeat@hotmail.com>
data/music/celesfnt.s3m: (C) 1997 Seth Peelle <bpeelle@mail.telis.org>
data/music/deadlock.xm: (C) 1995 Jussi Salmela
data/music/featsofv.xm: (C) 1996 Jussi Salmela
data/music/hein_-_sloom.mod:  hein
data/music/hyper.mod: (c) riku nuottajarvi
data/music/jt_strng.xm: (C) 1995 Jeroen Tel (WAVE)
data/music/kaos_och_dekadens.mod: (C) 2002 M.K. JROOMLE
data/music/liam_the_lemming_-_chip2.s3m: Liam The Lemming
data/music/lizardking_-_airwolf.mod: ??
data/music/pinball.s3m: (C) 1992 Jonne Valtonen
data/music/r-light.xm: (C) 2002 F.Del Priore <fpriore@gmx.de>


Barry deFreese

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