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Re: clanbomber and clanlib

Hans de Goede wrote:
Barry deFreese wrote:
Hi folks,

clanbomber is the last package building with the current clanlib. I'd like to do something about that so we can get clanlib 0.8 in since there are at least now 3 people requesting it.

clanbomber2 is more maintained and is a port of clanbomber using directfb. However, there is the rub. It doesn't "just work" because of directfb.

I have a package built for clanbomber2 but does it make sense to go with the directfb version? In this case I would upload clanbomber2 and request removal of clanbomber.

Anyone have any thoughts/opinions/suggestions??

My 2 cents (as a Fedora guy lurking here) keep both ClanLib-0.8 and 0.6, thats what we do (well actually I as I maintain both). We currently have 2 games using it: clanbomber and auriferous. And I know of a few other clanlib-0.6 games which I'm consider packaging too.

Note auriferous is a nice loderunner like game, if you want to package it start with the Fedora package, lots of patches needed to get the c++ code to work properly with a modern gcc!




Thanks. That was my other thought a while back but I never got much of a response on it. It probably makes the most sense.

Thanks again,

Barry deFreese

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