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Re: ufoai packages

2008/2/23, Cyril Brulebois <cyril.brulebois@enst-bretagne.fr>:
> On 23/02/2008, Teemu Ikonen wrote:
>  > As for getting this game into Debian main, there seems to be still
>  > some issues with the licensing of some of the game content, mostly
>  > the textures it seems. There's also a question about the
>  > DFSG-freeness of the CC licenses used for the content, mentioned at
>  > http://ufoai.ninex.info/wiki/index.php/License_Issues Most content
>  > seems to be CC-SA 3.0 though, which is DFSG compatible.
> Note that ftpmasters are OK with that ATM, but that -legal hasn't
>  reached the same conclusion.

It's the ftpmasters who are responsible for taking that decision and
the ones who have to reach the decision. debian-legal cannot do any
official statement regarding Debian, it's just a consultive mailing

"The only official statements about DFSG compliance are made by the
ftpmasters." ( Marco d''Itri ,
http://www.usenetarticles.com/thread/804922.html )

Ftpmasters have already accepted CC-by and CC-by-sa 3.0 (only 3.0, not
2.0 nor 2.5) into the repositories.


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