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ufoai packages


If someone is looking for packages of this nice game, there is source
package of version 2.2 at
which builds on lenny/sid if one upgrades the build depency of
libcurl3-dev to libcurl4-dev. As mentioned in the previous messages to
this bug, HawkNL is not needed.

As for getting this game into Debian main, there seems to be still
some issues with the licensing of some of the game content, mostly the
textures it seems. There's also a question about the DFSG-freeness of
the CC licenses used for the content, mentioned at
Most content seems to be CC-SA 3.0 though, which is DFSG compatible.

If there is a place outside of Debian which could host the packages
and the revision control data for the debian dir,
I could fix the trivial build bugs and lintian warnings in the package
from getdeb. At least that way one could get Debian installable


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