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Re: (fwd) Proposed MBF: Debian upstream version higher than watch file-reported upstream version [atomo64@gmail.com]

Alexander Schmehl wrote:
> And again some qa efford, which effects some if our packages.

> conquest:
>   - fixed in svn on 2007-11-11, not uploaded
>   - Has some other improvements in packaging, perhaps 8.3-2 should be
>     uploaded?
The build fails, dpkg-shlibdeps cannot find a private library.

> cultivation:
>   - Some kind of snapshot packaged, perhaps that should go to our
>     versioning, too?
The dates in the version number match the release date of the upstream
versions, so it doesn't look like a snapshot.

> deutex:
>   - I'm confused by that; we have a version 4.4.902, which isn't listed
>     on upstreams homepage; and our version number doesn't sound like a
>     snapshot?
>     Did the upstream homepage moved / got restructured?  Is the
>     watch-file still correct?
The version 4.4.902 can be found at [1], a subdirectory of the upstream site.
There is no link to it from the main page, I found it using Google.


[1] http://www.teaser.fr/~amajorel/deutex/fungus/
PGP: 1024D/595FAD19  739E 2D09 0969 BEA9 9797  B055 DDB0 2FF7 595F AD19

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