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Re: Writing get-orig-source targets to conform with policy

Andres Mejia wrote:
> Thanks. This was exactly what I wanted to do.
> This had me stumped for a long time but now I'm free to use whatever scripting
> language I want and supply whatever options I want for the external scripts.

    Please don't.  All the packages I've seen in the Debian Games SVN
use make as the debian/rules interpreter.  While this could also be
any other type of script, we choose make to have a common platform,
and all be able to contribute to the packages.

    For the same reasons that we tend to define package build
instructions in make, except when using upstream build scripts, we
ought define tarball constuction in make, unless there is a provided
upstream script.  This ensures that we call all easily intepret any
provided get-orig-source rule, and assist each other in ensuring that
all such rules for Games Team packages are both policy compliant and

    While I'm not really a make expert, I'd be happy to critique any
provided get-orig-source rules, or help prepare them when usage is
unclear.  Unfortunately, I'm unlikely to do this proactively in a
sensible timeframe, and would welcome requests or identification of
packages that need such rules (as I tend to be more responsive
reactively these days).


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