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Re: Writing get-orig-source targets to conform with policy

On Sunday 17 February 2008 1:35:05 pm Alexander Schmehl wrote:
> Hi!
> * Andres Mejia <mcitadel@gmail.com> [080217 17:21]:
> > > > For ensuring the exact tarball that was used to generate the orig
> > > > tarball is used.
> > >
> > > But we keep them allready on alioth.  So a "get current orig" target
> > > would be quite easier as an wget from the pkg-games website, wouldn't
> > > it?
> >
> > That's only if someone does upload the tarball to alioth. For me, it
> > takes 2 or more hours to upload files that are 100MB or more, and that's
> > when doing an upload overnight.
> But you need to upload the tarball anyway, e.g. on mentors.d.n.  And you
> could just wget it to alioth directly.

True, but that's only after I upload to mentors.d.n., when I'm sure a package 
is ready for upload to Debian.

> And TTBOMK it is a pkg-games policy to have the tarballs there.

I don't recall it being stated as policy. To my knowledge, the idea was to 
allow someone to be able to be provided an orig tarball so that they can work 
with a package. Allowing someone to generate an orig tarball is another way 
of fulfilling this purpose.

> > For this reason, I wanted to supply a get-orig-source or something
> > similar that does this.
> As allready explained:  You don't want get-orig-source, which is defined
> by policy 4.9 to do something different.


> > It's also a reason why I wanted svn-buildpackage to be able
> > to run "debian/rules get-orig-source" (or any other script and options
> > for that matter) just like how svn-buildpackage supports downloading an
> > orig tarball. I'm sure the Games Team (and anyone) could benefit from
> > this. I did submit a patch for this by the way, it's at
> > http://bugs.debian.org/458508.
> As long as you guarantee, that all orig.tar.gz end up with the same
> md5sum.

When the package is finally uploaded somewhere, then orig tarballs can be 
downloaded instead of generated, thus allowing everyone to have the same orig 
tarballs with the same md5sum.

> Yours sincerely,
>   Alexander


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