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Re: question : authors names in code

On Tue, Jan 15, 2008 at 08:54:19PM +0100, Vincent Fourmond wrote:
> Alain Baeckeroot wrote:
> > I wanted to know if i have the right to remove the names from
> > source code, and instead just put : "see CREDITS"
>   In my understanding, you should never modify a copyright notice unless
> that is explicitly granted by the license. This is very rare (the only

Why? You can change any file as long as the license allows it. If the
source file is part of Debian you are free to change everything.

You can of course not change the copyright of the file itself (the
author owns it, independent whether it is mentioned or not). But there
is no rule which states that a copyright notice has to be added to a
file and this note should not be changed.

> example that comes in my mind, if I recall correctly, are example files
> from beamer). You can add your own part of the copyright for non-trivial
> modifications.


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