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question : authors names in code


I wanted to know if i have the right to remove the names from
source code, and instead just put : "see CREDITS"

for example:
/* ---------------------------------------------------------------------- *
 * engine.c
 * This file is part of lincity.
 * Lincity is copyright (c) I J Peters 1995-1997, (c) Greg Sharp 1997-2001.
 * ---------------------------------------------------------------------- */

This file is now part of Lincity-NG, and there were significant changes, 
enought for the file to not work anymore in old lincity.

Can i write instead 
/* engine.c
 * This file is part of Lincity-NG
 * See COPYING for license informations, and CREDITS for authors */

This because i don't want to put my name in each file i modified :-)


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