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Re: Another orphaned game: shisen.app

On 08/01/2008, Miriam Ruiz <little.miry@gmail.com> wrote:
> 2008/1/8, Eddy Petrișor <eddy.petrisor@gmail.com>:
> > On 04/01/2008, Barry deFreese <bddebian@comcast.net> wrote:
> > IMO, this kind of situations warrant changes of the original source
> > outside the debian dir, so that the source is in a sane state. OTOH,
> > care must be taken since changes outside of debian/ can lead to weird
> > situations when a new source would contain the old patched file(s) if
> > the version bump after a new upstream release is not handled properly
> > (AFAIK svn-upgrade should do the right thing).
> I thought we had decided not to have any changes outside the debian/
> directory, has the situation changed?

No, but we agreed to allow it for exceptional cases. To me, this
(needs a patch to make clean work) looks like such a case.

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