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Re: Stormbaan Coureur 2.0.0 released

Barry deFreese wrote:
> Agreed, however some (like you) want to pull from SVN.  Others want
> packages on mentors.  Who do I notify and how?  I've tried mentors, that
> doesn't seem to work consistently (and I don't like to go outside of the
> Games team if possible) and I get little to no responses on the mailing
> list. (Aside from you) and few look at the Sponsors Queue package on the
> wiki.

  I've improved the way I am currently sponsoring: I download stuff from
mentors.debian.net and check with debdiff that it is the same source as
the one built from the SVN. So systematic uploads to mentors should be
fine, I'll check myself.

  However, if the package is particularly painful to upload (such as the
ones I had to sponsor when I joined the team, not far from half a gig in
total) and the .orig.tar.gz is already available in Debian, you could
ask a direct sponsor from the SVN without upload to mentors.

  In any case, if you want to be sure that someone on this lists spots
it, please start a new thread with RFS in the title. That should help.



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