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Re: Another orphaned game: shisen.app

Vincent Fourmond wrote:
Barry deFreese wrote:
Here is another one:


As usual, comments/criticisms welcome.

  Please inject xbattle and shisen.app (and while we're at it, all the
other ones you're working on) to SVN and fix their Vcs-Svn field. You
can try your luck at a watchfile for shisen.app, it is fairly trivial to
write (and you would see there's a new upstream).



OK, shisen.app should be OK now also. I haven't done the new upstream yet because I need to update the patches I made. I also am doing something weird in clean: because it needs to be patched in order to do 'gs_make clean distclean' so I'm not sure if there is a better solution there or not.

Please take a look if you get a minute. If you want to wait to upload until I do the new upstream, no problem.


Barry deFreese

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