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Re: RFS: steam-powered

On 6/29/07, Jon Dowland wrote:
Just a few suggestions:

1) I'd add 'set -u' and 'set -e' to the top of
   steam-powered: I do this for every shell script I write.
   This might require some of the script to be re-written
   to cope with unbound variables, etc.

i've added "set -u" to the script.  this didn't require any further
changes to the script, but i like it and it seems like it is good
practice to do so.

"set -e" is incompatible with my error detection approach for the
steam 26% bug.  wine returns an error when it hits the 26% bug, and
"set -e" automatically exits the script before i can do any error

i added error processing after the curl download.  and i use the -f
option for the  commands to make sure i don't get prompts or errors.
so i think that error handling is pretty much complete at this point
without needing "set -e".

2) line 39:
   eval set -- "$(getopt --quiet --alternative
        --longoptions="help,version" --options="" -- "$@")"$

   What does eval do here? As far as I can see, you can
   omit it.

i've greatly simplified the options processing.

Otherwise I like it!

thanks!  the new package (0.8.2) is now available

I am working on a generic data installer package which
takes non-free data and generates .debs which satisfy
dependencies. The first, domain-specific rough-cut of this
is the doom-package package. I have been offline for a
while and have yet to commit my latest work on this, I will
do so over the weekend. You might find it interesting.

cool, i'll take a look at it.


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