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GtkRadiant for Debian GNU/Linux

Warning: cross-posted to 2 mailing-lists.


I've packaged gtkradiant for Debian, now almost a year ago, but it's not made 
it in yet.
I hoped it would gain some more attention from normal end-users once it was 1 
apt-get away to install :-)

I recently refreshed it from the zerowing svn repository, revision 170 from 
20070511, because I've just started at a new job and have very little time 
for it anymore. 

It should work on i386, amd64 and ppc (untested) at least[1], and it's lintian 
and linda clean. The debian packaging information is on:


if you like you can download the .diff.gz file, gunzip it, and patch the 
pristine source with it. It should only create a debian/ subdirectory with 
various and sundry debian voodoo ;-)

N.B. in the debian directory I packaged a few images (Splash-Debian.png and 
Debian.jpg) which are from the Debian desktop-base package, copyright Mirko 
Hufnagel (that one's public domain I thought) and Gary Burke , respectively. 
This was so that debian users can start playing around with a few textures.

Good luck,

P.S. [1]: probably more once I figure out how SConstruct calls the other 
architectures from the buildd logs. Need to adapt included script 
debian/get_arch.tmp.sh for that.

On Wednesday 27 June 2007 18:45, Timothee Besset wrote:
> Sourceforge's quality of service is plain horrible. We'll keep the SVN
> and mailing lists hosted here no matter what.
> As far as bug tracker, I've let bugzilla fall behind, because it's old
> and these days there are much better options. I'm not sure it's worth
> trying to bring it back up, or better to move to something else. I also
> don't want to let general users enter bugs into it, but only let an
> allowed set of people do that. We've seen in the past that it gets
> completely overflowed with irrelevant reports and becomes useless quickly.
> That said, I have very little time for GtkRadiant, let alone doing
> server administration for it. I may not be opposed to us using a bug
> tracker somewhere else.
> TTimo
> Dunk Fordyce wrote:
> > It certainly seems a little pointless all the different projects using
> > gtkradiant making the same fixes ( and there are several. There are
> > even some copies of gtkradiant in other projects svn repos ive seen
> > which are being worked on. )
> >
> > Personally Id like to see a patch and bug tracker installed. At least
> > then you could see what was being/ had been worked on. The normal
> > style of dealing out svn write is fine by me.
> >
> > How about just chucking the code onto
> > sourceforge/some-other-generic-project-host and be done with it? ;)
> > They have all the features in place already.
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