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Re: Final Packages?

On Sun May 13 01:40, Miriam Ruiz wrote:
> My suggestion about the dependencies: I don't like the core game depending
> on the song packages, we could make a virtual package called fretsonfire
> that depended on everything we want for a newbie player, like kde or gnome
> packages, and have a package with just the game so that the user is not
> forced to have the songs if they don't want to? The other option would be to
> add a recommends for all the song packages we keep on doing.

I've just rebuilt the packages and updated svn to match so that we now

fretsonfire - empty metapackage depending on fretsonfire-game and fretsonfire-songs-sectoid
fretsonfire-game - the package formerly known as fretsonfire; recommends fretsonfire-songs-sectoid
fretsonfire-songs-sectoid - the songs package; depends on fretsonfire-game

So, if you apt-get install fretsonfire you get a working setup with
songs. You can alternatively just install fretsonfire-game if you don't
want the songs.

svn is up to date both with working get-orig-source targets which
rebuild the tarballs appropriately. Since I'm removing one of the songs
from the songs package (as per debian-legal), both have .dfsg version

Signed packages and source are at
http://mjj29.matthew.ath.cx/debian-upload/fretsonfire/ or they can be
built from svn.


Matthew Johnson

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