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Re: Final Packages?


The packages work for me, except that when a note comes and I press the button, the music stops and goes away until i get back to the menu. I wonder if it happens to anyone else.

Anyway I think that if it only happens to me, and when reach a decision about that dependencies stuff, the packages are ready to be uploaded to the repository.

My suggestion about the dependencies: I don't like the core game depending on the song packages, we could make a virtual package called fretsonfire that depended on everything we want for a newbie player, like kde or gnome packages, and have a package with just the game so that the user is not forced to have the songs if they don't want to? The other option would be to add a recommends for all the song packages we keep on doing.

Thanks a lot for your work :))))


2007/5/11, Matthew Johnson <mjj29@cam.ac.uk>:
Right, I've gone through the fonts. There aren't really any similar
ones, so I've found one which will work for both (ttf-mgopen;
MgOpenCosmeticaRegular.ttf) and looks fine. I've therefore updated the
packaging to remove all the fonts, depend on this and vera and symlink
them in debian/rules.

I've also added the sectoid songs to svn at
svn.debian.org/svn/pkg-games/packages/trunk/fretsonfire-data-sectoid and
I've added a patch to stop it trying to initialise amanith.

Thus, I think we are good to go finally! I have built both packages and
have signed sources and binaries available here:

I'd appreciate someone doing a clean install and making sure it all goes
smoothly and then we need to find someone to upload.

The only outstanding issue is whether one of the sectoid songs is usable
(it might count as a derivative work). If so I can easily rebuild the
tarball to remove that one.


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