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RE: Bug#383316: [karuritosu@gmail.com: Re: Sectoid Frets on Fire tracks]

--- Matthew Johnson <debian@matthew.ath.cx> escribió:

> On Fri May 11 11:20, Matthew Johnson wrote:
> > In terms of packaging, we probably want to have them as a separate
> > source package (I think), which produces a binary package which
> > fretsonfire depends on. Something like fretsonfire-data-sectoid? We
> > could then have fretsonfire-data-inkila in non-free for the songs from
> > upstream.

I agree :)

> I have packaging for this now at
> http://mjj29.matthew.ath.cx/fretsonfire-data-sectoid.debian.tar.gz,
> which includes a get-orig-source target to create the source tarball.
> I've also updated the fretsonfire packaging in svn to depend on it. I'll
> add the sectoid packaging to svn if people agree with this approach

I wonder if it would be better to just recommend it, instead on depending on
it. We should also create some Provides: name for all the packages including
FoF songs, i guess.

We should also include the tutorial song somewhere, don't we?


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