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Preferred licences for audio data

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I have just got involved with the packaging for FretsOnFire[1] (ITP[2]).
One of the problems we have is that upstream say the songs they
distribute with it (a song corresponds roughly to a 'level' in the game)
can't be redistributed. Therefore, we are seeking replacement songs for
the game. However, I'm not sure what a suitable licence for these would
be (we are likely to have our choice of licence, since either any open
licence will be acceptable to the performer or none). I've heard that
there are some problems with the Creative Commons ones, which would be
my first port of call.

So, does debian-legal have any suggestions for the most appropriate
licence for audio data which is DFSG-compatible? (or at least some
suggestions of what is DFSG compatible or what might look suitable, but
isn't, so that I don't make any mistakes).

Finally, if we were to ship the game without any levels is it still
suitable for main (I'm guessing not, since quake2 is in contrib and in a
similar case)? The upstream game only ships with 3 tracks, you are
generally expected to get extra levels either from the commercial
equivalents or community sources even in that.


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