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Re: Preferred licences for audio data

Matthew Johnson <debian@matthew.ath.cx> wrote:
> So, does debian-legal have any suggestions for the most appropriate
> licence for audio data which is DFSG-compatible? [...]

I would suggest:
1. the same licence as the rest of the software, maybe with additional
permissions for performance and recording;
2. the MIT/Expat licence;
3. the GPL (the definition of Programs is smart enough to cope),
maybe with additional permissions;
4. the Design Science License or Free Art License (I think... note

> Finally, if we were to ship the game without any levels is it still
> suitable for main (I'm guessing not, since quake2 is in contrib and in a
> similar case)? [...]

I doubt it.  It depends if it does anything useful without levels.

Hope that helps,
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