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supertux 0.3.0~dfsg-1

Sven Arvidsson <sa@whiz.se> (06/01/2007):
> XPM is only required for the Debian menu system AFAIK. Almost all of
> my launchers in the GNOME menu uses PNG icons. Anyway, if it's easier
> for you I think it would work equally well to simply convert the PNG
> to XPM and use the same icon for both menu systems.

OK, .png for desktop, .xpm for menu: Done.

Here is (or should be) a DFSG-free package:

One might want further info (e.g. in a NEWS.Debian file) about the lack
of music/sound and the new need for OpenGL/SDL stuff. But since this
upload is targetted for experimental, I expect from the users to be able
to read a changelog by themselves. Proper explanations will be given
once the sound/music licensing is sorted out.

I also pointed to this thread from the manpage, so that the users know
about the problem reported by Darren (unaddressed by now).


Cyril Brulebois

PS: Cc-ing Alexander who might have time to review this package soon.

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