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RFA: fillets-ng, fillets-ng-data


i have recently not really found the energy/time to properly take care
of this nice game and i think group maintainance generally is a great
thing, so i hope it may find a home with you.

upstream are debian users and were generally very helpful and
responsive. since the game is a reimplementation which has been
completed, not a lot of things have been happening (some translations).
there recently was a FTBFS (http://bugs.debian.org/379275), but marga
already fixed that one in NMU.

my (former) sponsor alfie said that alexander schmehl
(tolimar@debian.org) mentioned on irc that he may be willing to commit
it to svn for the games group. if this is correct, please go ahead.

thanks everyone for your great work,


fabian linzberger -- http://lefant.net/ -- http://debian.org/
       - do yourself a favour: use and support free software!

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