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Re: Question on translating Nexuiz

On 02/08/06, Jon Dowland <lists@alcopop.org> wrote:
At 1154486733 past the epoch, Thibaut - Oligraphes wrote:
> Since my email adress has been clearly released on this
> forum i'm  spammed like hell. Thank you a lot to have
> taken so much precautions,  i actually didn't ask anything
> and it really annoys me.

It may help if you stipulate what page you are talking
about. This is a mailing list; subscribers might aggregate
messages to the list into web pages but they are outside our

Probably he means the ones that show up when searching his mail on
google (3 of them, ATM)

Those are under the control of alioth admins, IIRC and mailman developers ...

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