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Re: Re: Question on translating Nexuiz

Sorry say what you want, i really noticed a huge spam traffic on my account about three days after my email has been released on that mailling list. I don't dream at all... Before it was about 2 spam messages per day... Now its about 10. I dont blame you but i'm almost sure its linked.

Good filters ? i have them... i think that not to clearly write an e- mail adress is anyway a good protection. The mail robot can parse, for sure, find the [--at--] and replace it by an @ ... but its always harder than simply getting a clearly wrote mail adress.

and yes the guy that posted before is right, i speak about that : http://www.google.fr/search?hl=fr&q=tibo% 40oligraphes.com&btnG=Recherche+Google&meta= and generally every message from the "Question on translating nexuiz" thread, begun in July 2006

(see that there are not so much results... so you see i take care not to let my email adress everywhere)

Another fact : the spam mails i received before was sent i would say 'domain-relative', means that i received some mails on jack((-at---)) oligraphes.com or paul((-at---))oligraphes.com ... just non-existing random prefix on my domain. Since my adress is clearly displayed here, i got spam directly to tibo((-at---))oligraphes.com

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