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Re: cube-data package

Gonéri Le Bouder wrote:
> To clarify:
> game engine: zipped file that containt source code of the engine without the 
> network modified code.
> data tarball: targziped file that containt music/textures/models and 
> precompliled client/server with modified network code.
>> 0. please copy and paste the full license text in your reply
> The full license of the game engine is here.
> http://goneri2.free.fr/cube/
>> 1. please specify clearly which parts it applies to
>>    (game engine? game data? both?)
> The game engine is provided under the ZLIB license.
> The  data tarball is provided under the license i pasted in the first mail and 
> some others different license (Cf: URL to svn.debian.org).
> It contain precompiled client and server for Linux/FreeBSD i386. I want to 
> provied them since they have a modified network code to avoid cheat and they 
> are needed to connect to some public server. Of course, they are not free.

Ignoring the precompiled modified client and server, it looks like the
data file licenses range from Free to non-free to permission-required to
no license given at all.  Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the Free
data files provide nearly enough to play the game, so the data needs to
go to non-free; some of the files cannot even go in non-free.

From your copyright file, some of the licenses requiring permission
(beyond that presumably already given to cube):

> *-> packages/spen
> Map design is copyright 2004 Bill Spencer.
> You're free to distribute this map pack as you wish as long as: you make no
> profit, and leave the entire archive intact.  However, Internet distribution is to be
> only through web sites of my choosing as long as one exists.  *Elements* of the map
> may be used only as provided below.

So this one needs permission from that author in order to distribute;
that permission would need to cover the entire Debian mirror network,
including both official and unofficial mirrors.

> *-> packages/dcp_the_core all included data is designed for the cube
> game engine. any other use or any form of redistribution requires my
> permission.

Same problem.

Some of the licenses also state that distribution can occur "via
electronic media (Internet, FTP, BBS) only"; that may not pose a problem
for non-free, since I think distributors of non-free CDs already need to
take caution and check individual packages, but I don't know the policy
on that.

Also note that several of the packages require distribution of an
unmodified archive.

It looks like a few of the data files do fall under Free licenses,
though; I wonder if one could scrape together enough of them to play a
full level?

>> Let's start by checking whether this package *can* enter main.
>> If (and only if) it turns out it cannot, we'll discuss whether it's
>> distributable from the non-free repositories...
>> OK?
> IMO the engine can't enter main since it depends on its data to work.

Right; the Free engine would need to go to contrib, if you decide to
package it.

> What i want to do:
> From source:
>   - cube-client
>   - cube-server
> From data:
>   - cube-client-nonfree
>   - cube-server-nonfree
>   - cube-data

Seems reasonable.

If enough Free data existed to play the game (even with a vastly reduced
dataset), you could split the data into cube-data and cube-data-nonfree
packages, and put the Free client and server in main.

- Josh Triplett

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