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Re: Wormux translation update

(cross posted to wormux list, too, in order to make them aware of the
changes, in case Jean does not respond)

On 4/8/06, Eddy Petrişor <eddy.petrisor@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> Jean, I was wondering since you have commit access in the wormux
> repository, if you were kind enough to complete the addition of
> Romanian to the wormux package. The code for Romanian was not added to
> the LINGUAS files when the ro.po file was added to the repository.
> I will do some small changes to the romanian translation and will send
> you that; but before that, plase run a make update-po in the
> repository (as I did in my anonymous copy) and commit the changes.

It appears that there are a coouple of problems in the surrent svn
trunk of wormux:

src/weapon/launcher.* are not included in parsing for neither the
compilation, nor for the update-po make target.

The attached patch fixes these issues (not sure if the release you are
planning to introduce in Debian has the same issue, but during my
initial translation there was a string in src/weapon/gun.* which now
has been moved in launcher).

Please update the updated attached po file.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" A.Einstein
# Romanian translation of the Wormux messages.
# Copyright (C) YEAR Wormux Development Team
# This file is distributed under the same license as the PACKAGE package.
# Eddy PetriÅ?or <eddy.petrisor@gmail.com>, 2006.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: ro\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: wormux-dev@gna.org\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2006-04-08 23:21+0300\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2006-04-08 23:27+0300\n"
"Last-Translator: Eddy PetriÅ?or <eddy.petrisor@gmail.com>\n"
"Language-Team: Romanian <debian-l10n-romanian@lists.debian.org>\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"Plural-Forms: nplurals=3;plural=(n==1?0:(((n%100>19)||((n%100==0)&&(n!=0)))?2:1))\n"
"X-Generator: KBabel 1.11.2\n"

#: src/game/game.cpp:143 src/game/game.cpp:183
#, c-format
msgid "  Most sold-out :  %s (%i).\n"
msgstr "  Cel mai mare trÄ?dÄ?tor :  %s (%i).\n"

#: src/game/game.cpp:141 src/game/game.cpp:181
#, c-format
msgid "  Most usefull  :  %s (%i).\n"
msgstr "  Cel mai folositor     :  %s (%i).\n"

#: src/game/game.cpp:142 src/game/game.cpp:182
#, c-format
msgid "  Most useless  :  %s (%i).\n"
msgstr "  Cel mai inutil        :  %s (%i).\n"

#: src/game/game.cpp:140 src/game/game.cpp:180
#, c-format
msgid "  Most violent  :  %s (%i).\n"
msgstr "  Cel mai violent       :  %s (%i).\n"

#: src/map/maps_list.cpp:294
#, c-format
msgid "! Map %s not found :-("
msgstr "! Harta %s nu a fost gÄ?sitÄ? :-("

#: src/game/game_loop.cpp:695
#, c-format
msgid "%s (%s team) has died."
msgstr "%s (echipa %s) a murit."

#: src/map/maps_list.cpp:111
#, c-format
msgid "%s <%s> aka %s from %s"
msgstr "%s <%s> cunoscut Å?i ca %s din %s"

#: src/map/maps_list.cpp:118
#, c-format
msgid "%s <%s> from %s"
msgstr "%s <%s> din %s"

#: src/game/game_loop.cpp:673
#, c-format
msgid "%s commits suicide !"
msgstr "%s se sinucide !"

#: src/graphic/fps.cpp:106
#, c-format
msgid "%s fps"
msgstr "%s C/S"

#: src/game/game_loop.cpp:666
#, c-format
msgid "%s has fallen in water."
msgstr "%s a cÄ?zut în apÄ?."

#: src/game/game_loop.cpp:677
#, c-format
msgid "%s has fallen off the map!"
msgstr "%s a cÄ?zut în afara hÄ?rÅ£ii!"

#: src/object/bonus_box.cpp:160
#, c-format
msgid "%s has lost %u point of energy."
msgid_plural "%s has lost %u points of energy."
msgstr[0] "%s a pierdut %u punct de energie."
msgstr[1] "%s a pierdut %u puncte de energie."
msgstr[2] "%s a pierdut %u de puncte de energie."

#: src/object/bonus_box.cpp:151
#, c-format
msgid "%s has won %u point of energy!"
msgid_plural "%s has won %u points of energy!"
msgstr[0] "%s a câÅ?tigat %u punct de energie!"
msgstr[1] "%s a câÅ?tigat %u puncte de energie!"
msgstr[2] "%s a câÅ?tigat %u de puncte de energie!"

#: src/game/game_loop.cpp:688
#, c-format
msgid "%s is a psychopath, he has killed a member of %s team!"
msgstr "Psihopatia sÄ?lÄ?Å?luieÅ?te în %s, a omorât un membru al echipei %s!"

# what about female names?
#: src/game/game_loop.cpp:683
#, c-format
msgid "%s is dead because he is clumsy!"
msgstr "%s decedat prin propria stângÄ?cie!"

#: src/weapon/mine.cpp:126
#, c-format
msgid "%s is next to a mine!"
msgstr "%s e lângÄ? o minÄ?!"

#: src/object/bonus_box.cpp:178
#, c-format
msgid "%s team has won %u automatic bazooka!"
msgid_plural "%s team has won %u automatic bazookas!"
msgstr[0] "Echipa %s a câÅ?tigat %u rachetÄ? automatÄ?!"
msgstr[1] "Echipa %s a câÅ?tigat %u rachete automate!"
msgstr[2] "Echipa %s a câÅ?tigat %u de rachete automate!"

#: src/object/bonus_box.cpp:188
#, c-format
msgid "%s team has won %u stick of dynamite!"
msgid_plural "%s team has won %u sticks of dynamite!"
msgstr[0] "Echipa %s a câÅ?tigat %u baton de dinamitÄ?!"
msgstr[1] "Echipa %s a câÅ?tigat %u batoane de dinamitÄ?!"
msgstr[2] "Echipa %s a câÅ?tigat %u de batoane de dinamitÄ?!"

#: src/object/bonus_box.cpp:142
#, c-format
msgid "%s team has won %u teleportation."
msgid_plural "%s team has won %u teleportations."
msgstr[0] "Echipa %s a câÅ?tigat %u teleportare."
msgstr[1] "Echipa %s a câÅ?tigat %u teleportÄ?ri."
msgstr[2] "Echipa %s a câÅ?tigat %u de teleportÄ?ri."

#: src/game/game.cpp:189
#, c-format
msgid "%s team has won.\n"
msgstr "Echipa %s a câÅ?tigat.\n"

#: src/object/bonus_box.cpp:169
#, c-format
msgid "'%s has won %u air attack"
msgid_plural "'%s has won %u air attacks"
msgstr[0] "'%s a câÅ?tigat %u atac aerian"
msgstr[1] "'%s a câÅ?tigat %u atacuri aeriene"
msgstr[2] "'%s a câÅ?tigat %u de atacuri aeriene"

#: src/interface/interface.cpp:164
msgid "(dead)"
msgstr "(mort)"

#: src/interface/interface.cpp:206
msgid "(unlimited)"
msgstr "(infinit)"

#: src/map/maps_list.cpp:132
msgid "<infinite_background> needs <is_open> to be set to work correctly!!"
msgstr ""
"<infinite_background> are nevoie ca <is_open> sÄ? fie activ pentru a "
"funcţiona corect!!"

#: src/object/bonus_box.cpp:173 src/weapon/air_attack.cpp:204
msgid "Air attack"
msgstr "Atac aerian"

#: src/game/game.cpp:179
msgid "All-Team results:\n"
msgstr "Rezultate generale:\n"

#: src/main.cpp:197
msgid "Authors:"
msgstr "Autori:"

#: src/object/bonus_box.cpp:182 src/weapon/auto_bazooka.cpp:117
msgid "Automatic bazooka"
msgstr "RachetÄ? automatÄ?"

#: src/weapon/baseball.cpp:30
msgid "Baseball"
msgstr "BâtÄ? de basebal"

#: src/weapon/bazooka.cpp:63
msgid "Bazooka"
msgstr "Proiectil reactiv"

#: src/main.cpp:98
msgid "C++ exception caught:"
msgstr "O excepÅ£ie C++ a fost captatÄ?:"

#: src/team/teams_list.cpp:424 src/team/teams_list.cpp:449
#, c-format
msgid "Can't find team %s!"
msgstr "Echipa %s nu poate fi gÄ?sitÄ?!"

#: src/team/teams_list.cpp:124 src/team/teams_list.cpp:139
#, c-format
msgid "Cannot open teams directory (%s)!"
msgstr "Directorul cu echipe nu poate fi deschis (%s)!"

#: src/weapon/cluster_bomb.cpp:141
msgid "ClusterBomb"
msgstr "BombÄ? cu schije"

#: src/weapon/suicide.cpp:34
msgid "Commit suicide"
msgstr "Suicid"

#: src/menu/main_menu.cpp:194
msgid "Credits"
msgstr "Merite"

#: src/menu/options_menu.cpp:80
msgid "Display player energy?"
msgstr "Se afiÅ?eazÄ? energia jucÄ?torului?"

#: src/menu/options_menu.cpp:83
msgid "Display player's name?"
msgstr "Se afiÅ?eazÄ? numele jucÄ?torului?"

#: src/menu/options_menu.cpp:77
msgid "Display wind particles?"
msgstr "Se afiÅ?eazÄ? particulele de vânt?"

#: src/game/game.cpp:237
msgid "Do you really want to quit? (Y/N)"
msgstr "Chiar doriÅ£i sÄ? abandonaÅ£i? (D/N)"

#: src/menu/options_menu.cpp:103
msgid "Duration of a turn:"
msgstr "Durata unei ture:"

#: src/menu/options_menu.cpp:108
msgid "Duration of the end of a turn:"
msgstr "Durata sfârÅ?itului de turÄ?:"

#: src/object/bonus_box.cpp:192 src/weapon/dynamite.cpp:98
msgid "Dynamite"
msgstr "DinamitÄ?"

#: src/game/game.cpp:185
msgid "End of the game!\n"
msgstr "Jocul s-a terminat!\n"

#: src/interface/interface.cpp:102
msgid "Energy:"
msgstr "Energie:"

#: src/team/skin.cpp:119
#, c-format
msgid "Error during loading skin %s:"
msgstr "Eroare în timpul încÄ?rcÄ?rii aspectului %s:"

#: src/tool/error.cpp:68
#, c-format
msgid "Error in %s:%lu"
msgstr "Eroare în %s:%lu"

#: src/team/team.cpp:91
#, c-format
msgid "Error loading team %s:"
msgstr "Eroare la încÄ?rcarea echipei %s:"

#: src/game/config.cpp:249
#, c-format
msgid "Error while creating directory \"%s\": unable to store configuration file."
msgstr ""
"Eroare în timpul creÄ?ri directorului â??%sâ??: fiÅ?ierul de configurare nu poate "
"fi stocat."

#: src/game/config.cpp:129
#, c-format
msgid "Error while loading configuration file: %s"
msgstr "Eroare în timpul încÄ?rcÄ?ri fiÅ?ierul de configurare: %s"

#: src/game/game_mode.cpp:159
#, c-format
msgid "Error while loading game mode %s (file %s):"
msgstr "Eroare în timpul încÄ?rcÄ?ri modului de joc %s (fiÅ?ierul %s):"

#: src/game/game.cpp:277
#, c-format
msgid ""
msgstr ""

#: src/team/team.cpp:162
#, c-format
msgid "Error: can't find the skin \"%s\" for the team \"%s\"."
msgstr "Eroare: aspectul â??%sâ?? pentru echipa â??%sâ?? nu poate fi gÄ?sit."

#: src/game/game_loop.cpp:204
msgid "Find a random position for characters"
msgstr "Se cautÄ? o pozitie aleatoare pentru personaje"

#: src/menu/options_menu.cpp:74
msgid "Fullscreen?"
msgstr "Tot ecranul?"

#: src/menu/options_menu.cpp:101
msgid "Game options"
msgstr "Opţiuni ale jocului"

#: src/menu/options_menu.cpp:64
msgid "Graphic options"
msgstr "Opţiuni grafice"

#: src/weapon/grenade.cpp:73
msgid "Grenade"
msgstr "GrenadÄ?"

#: src/map/ground.cpp:42
msgid "Ground initialization..."
msgstr "Iniţializare teren..."

#: src/weapon/gun.cpp:53
msgid "Gun"
msgstr "Pistol"

#: src/tool/file_tools.cpp:60
msgid "HOME directory (environment variable $HOME) could not be found!"
msgstr "Directorul personal (variabila de mediu $HOME) nu a putut fi gÄ?sit!"

#: src/menu/options_menu.cpp:118
msgid "Initial energy:"
msgstr "Energie iniÅ£ialÄ?:"

#: src/game/game_loop.cpp:257
msgid "Initialisation"
msgstr "Iniţializare"

#: src/main.cpp:173
#, c-format
msgid "Initialisation of TTF library failed: %s"
msgstr "IniÅ£ializarea bibiliotecii TTF a eÅ?uat: %s"

#: src/game/game_loop.cpp:149
msgid "Initialise data"
msgstr "Iniţializare date"

#: src/game/game_loop.cpp:210
msgid "Initialise objects"
msgstr "Iniţializare obiecte"

#: src/game/game_loop.cpp:101
msgid "Initialise teams"
msgstr "Iniţializare echipe"

#: src/game/game_loop.cpp:97
msgid "Load map"
msgstr "Ã?ncÄ?rcare hartÄ?"

#: src/map/maps_list.cpp:224
msgid "Load maps:"
msgstr "Ã?ncÄ?rcare hÄ?rÅ£i:"

#: src/team/skin.cpp:291
msgid "Load skins:"
msgstr "Ã?ncÄ?rcare aspecte:"

#: src/team/teams_list.cpp:113
msgid "Load teams:"
msgstr "Ã?ncÄ?rcare echipe:"

#: src/map/map.cpp:283
#, c-format
msgid "Map %s, a creation of :"
msgstr "Harta %s, o creaţie a lui :"

#: src/menu/options_menu.cpp:69
msgid "Maximum number of FPS:"
msgstr "NumÄ?rul maxim de C/S:"

#: src/weapon/mine.cpp:186
msgid "Mine"
msgstr "MinÄ?"

#: src/menu/options_menu.cpp:93
msgid "Music?"
msgstr "MuzicÄ??"

#: src/interface/interface.cpp:101
msgid "Name:"
msgstr "Nume:"

#: src/menu/main_menu.cpp:179
msgid "Network Game"
msgstr "Joc în reţea"

#: src/weapon/weapon.cpp:481
#, c-format
msgid "No element <%s> found in the xml config file!"
msgstr "Nu a fost gÄ?sit nici un element <%s> în fisierul xml de configurare!"

#: src/game/game.cpp:85
msgid "Nobody"
msgstr "Nimeni"

#: src/menu/options_menu.cpp:113
msgid "Number of players per team:"
msgstr "JucÄ?tori per echipÄ?:"

#: src/menu/main_menu.cpp:188
msgid "Options"
msgstr "Opţiuni"

#: src/game/game.cpp:287
msgid "Pause"
msgstr "PauzÄ?"

#: src/menu/main_menu.cpp:172
msgid "Play"
msgstr "PorneÅ?te jocul"

#: src/main.cpp:191
msgid "Please tell us your opinion of Wormux via email:"
msgstr "VÄ? rugÄ?m sÄ? ne spuneÅ£i pÄ?rerea dvs. despre Wormux prin poÅ?tÄ? electronicÄ?:"

#: src/menu/main_menu.cpp:200
msgid "Quit"
msgstr "IeÅ?ire"

#: src/main.cpp:178
msgid "Quit Wormux"
msgstr "IeÅ?ire din Wormux"

#: src/main.cpp:227
msgid "Run game"
msgstr "RuleazÄ? jocul"

#: src/menu/game_menu.cpp:59
msgid "Select the teams:"
msgstr "Selectaţi echipele:"

#: src/menu/game_menu.cpp:100
msgid "Select the world:"
msgstr "Selectaţi lumea:"

#: src/menu/options_menu.cpp:96
msgid "Sound effects?"
msgstr "Efecte sonore?"

#: src/menu/options_menu.cpp:88
msgid "Sound options"
msgstr "Opţiuni sunet"

#: src/game/game.cpp:79
msgid "Starting a new game"
msgstr "Se începe un nou joc"

#: src/interface/interface.cpp:104
msgid "Stock:"
msgstr "Stoc:"

#: src/game/game.cpp:139
#, c-format
msgid "Team %s results:\n"
msgstr "Rezultatele echipei %s:\n"

#: src/object/bonus_box.cpp:146 src/weapon/teleportation.cpp:40
msgid "Teleportation"
msgstr "Teleportare"

#: src/weapon/auto_bazooka.cpp:100
msgid "The automatic rocket has left the battlefield..."
msgstr "Racheta automatÄ? a pÄ?rÄ?sit câmpul de luptÄ?..."

#: src/game/game.cpp:193
msgid "The game has ended as a draw.\n"
msgstr "Jocul s-a terminat cu scor egal.\n"

#: src/weapon/bazooka.cpp:53 src/weapon/cluster_bomb.cpp:66
msgid "The rocket left the battlefield..."
msgstr "Racheta a pÄ?rÄ?sit câmpul de luptÄ?..."

#: src/graphic/video.cpp:120
#, c-format
msgid "Unable to initialize SDL library: %s"
msgstr "Nu a fost posibilÄ? iniÅ£ializarea bibliotecii SDL: %s"

#: src/map/maps_list.cpp:236 src/map/maps_list.cpp:252
#, c-format
msgid "Unable to open maps directory (%s)!"
msgstr "Nu a fost posibilÄ? deschiderea directorului cu hÄ?rÅ£i (%s)!"

#: src/team/skin.cpp:303 src/team/skin.cpp:319
#, c-format
msgid "Unable to open skins directory (%s)!"
msgstr "Nu a fost posibilÄ? deschiderea directorului cu aspecte (%s)!"

#: src/main.cpp:104
msgid "Unexcepted exception caught..."
msgstr "S-a captat o excepÅ£ie neaÅ?tepatÄ?..."

#: src/game/game_loop.cpp:178
msgid "Unknow action"
msgstr "AcÅ£iune necunoscutÄ?"

#: src/main.cpp:145
msgid "Version"
msgstr "versiunea"

#: src/game/game_loop.cpp:85
msgid "Wait for clients"
msgstr "Se aÅ?teaptÄ? clienÅ£ii"

#: src/game/game_loop.cpp:172
msgid "Wait for map"
msgstr "Se aÅ?teaptÄ? harta"

#: src/game/game_loop.cpp:169
msgid "Wait for server"
msgstr "Se aÅ?teaptÄ? serverul"

#: src/game/game_loop.cpp:165
msgid "Wait for server informations"
msgstr "Se aÅ?teaptÄ? informaÅ£iile serverului"

#: src/game/game_loop.cpp:175
msgid "Wait teams"
msgstr "Se aÅ?teaptÄ? echipele"

#: src/map/maps_list.cpp:143
msgid "Warning! Winds particles mass is too low! Set by default to 0.3"
msgstr "AtenÅ£ie! particulele de vânt au masa prea micÄ?! Implicit ajustatÄ? la 0.3"

#: src/interface/interface.cpp:103
msgid "Weapon:"
msgstr "Arma:"

#: src/main.cpp:208
msgid "Website: "
msgstr "Situl web: "

#: src/game/game_loop.cpp:691
#, c-format
msgid "What a shame for %s - he was killed by a simple gun!"
msgstr "Ce umilire pentru %s - a fost ucis cu un simplu pistol!"

#: src/main.cpp:160
msgid "Wormux launching..."
msgstr "Se lanseazÄ? Wormux..."

#: src/main.cpp:196
msgid "Wormux version "
msgstr "Versiunea Wormux "

#: src/map/maps_list.cpp:78
#, c-format
msgid "XML error during loading map '%s' :"
msgstr "Eroare XML în timpul încÄ?rcÄ?rii hÄ?rÅ£ii '%s' :"

#: src/map/maps_list.cpp:272
msgid "You need at least one valid map !"
msgstr "AveÅ£i nevoie de cel puÅ£in o hartÄ? validÄ? !"

#: src/game/game_loop.cpp:269
msgid "You need at least two teams to play: change this in 'Options menu' !"
msgstr ""
"AveÅ£i nevoie de cel puÅ£in douÄ? echipe ca sÄ? jucaÅ£i: schimbaÅ£i acest lucru în "
"meniul 'Opţiuni' !"

#: src/team/teams_list.cpp:159
msgid "You need at least two valid teams !"
msgstr "AveÅ£i nevoie de cel puÅ£in douÄ? echipe valide !"

#: src/weapon/launcher.cpp:53
msgid "Your shot has missed!"
msgstr "Focul dvs. a fost tras în aer!"

#: src/map/ground.cpp:56
msgid "done"
msgstr "finalizat"

Index: src/Makefile.am
--- src/Makefile.am	(revision 634)
+++ src/Makefile.am	(working copy)
@@ -104,6 +104,7 @@
 	weapon/gnu.cpp weapon/gnu.h \
 	weapon/grenade.cpp weapon/grenade.h \
 	weapon/gun.cpp weapon/gun.h \
+	weapon/launcher.cpp weapon/launcher.h \
 	weapon/holly_grenade.cpp weapon/holly_grenade.h \
 	weapon/jetpack.cpp weapon/jetpack.h\
 	weapon/lowgrav.cpp weapon/lowgrav.h \
Index: po/Makefile.am
--- po/Makefile.am	(revision 634)
+++ po/Makefile.am	(working copy)
@@ -69,6 +69,7 @@
 	src/weapon/dynamite.cpp \
 	src/weapon/grenade.cpp \
 	src/weapon/gun.cpp \
+	src/weapon/launcher.cpp \
 	src/weapon/mine.cpp \
 	src/weapon/suicide.cpp \
 	src/weapon/teleportation.cpp \
Index: po/LINGUAS
--- po/LINGUAS	(revision 634)
+++ po/LINGUAS	(working copy)
@@ -1 +1 @@
-ca da de eo es fr hu it nl pl pt sk ru
+ca da de eo es fr hu it nl pl pt ro ru sk

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