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Re: cube-data package

Thank you for your interest in Cube.

>Firstoff, a little question: which format do game data come in?
>I mean:
> (A) data (as used by the game engine) are "compiled" from another form
>     (preferred for making modifications)
The data materials content files with these extensions: mp3, cgz, md2, ogg and 
Linux/i386 binary.
So i guess the answer is A.

To clarify:
game engine: zipped file that containt source code of the engine without the 
network modified code.
data tarball: targziped file that containt music/textures/models and 
precompliled client/server with modified network code.

> 0. please copy and paste the full license text in your reply
The full license of the game engine is here.

> 1. please specify clearly which parts it applies to
>    (game engine? game data? both?)
The game engine is provided under the ZLIB license.

The  data tarball is provided under the license i pasted in the first mail and 
some others different license (Cf: URL to svn.debian.org).
It contain precompiled client and server for Linux/FreeBSD i386. I want to 
provied them since they have a modified network code to avoid cheat and they 
are needed to connect to some public server. Of course, they are not free.

> 2. please clarify which parts source code is available for
>    (game engine? game data? both?)
The engine source code is provided without the modified network code.

> Let's start by checking whether this package *can* enter main.
> If (and only if) it turns out it cannot, we'll discuss whether it's
> distributable from the non-free repositories...
> OK?
IMO the engine can't enter main since it depends on its data to work.

What i want to do:
From source:
  - cube-client
  - cube-server

From data:
  - cube-client-nonfree
  - cube-server-nonfree
  - cube-data



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