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Removal of "Sports"

An official proposal for a new Debian Menu structure has been made (Bug
#361418), and it includes removal of "Games/Sports". If the proposal is
to be accepted, the games will have to be moved.

The list of affected games:

 billard-gl - 3D billiards game
 foobillard - a 3D billiards game using OpenGL
 bygfoot    - soccer (football) manager game featuring [...]
 asciijump  - Small and funny ASCII-art game about ski jumping
 battleball - soccer game played with tanks or helicopters
 csmash     - CannonSmash, a table tennis simulation game
 flying     - pool/snooker/carrom/hockey/curling simulator for X11

The decision to remove this subsection was made because sorting games by
content has proved to be confusing if not impossible. Instead, we chose
to sort them by how they interact with people.

Quoting Bill Allombert:

> We have Arcade for games that require the player to be fast,
> Strategy for gamer where time is not an issue, 
> Cards for games that require the player to deal with cards, etc.
> Whether the game plot is sci-fi or heroic fantasy or two-headed
> dinosaurs, is less important because there is too much possible plot to
> be organised in a menu.

Just thought you might want to be informed.


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