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Updating the list of Debian Trusted Organizations

Dear Developers,

In most jurisdictions around the world, the Debian project is not in a
position to directly hold funds or other property. Such assets are
therefore owned by a number of so called 'Trusted Organizations'.

Historically, SPI was the sole organization authorized to hold assets for
the Debian Project. Over the years, a number of other organizations
started to hold assets on behalf of Debian, but we did not enforce the
process defined in our constitution to officially maintain a list of
Trusted Organizations.

I would like to use this opportunity to stress the importance of the work
of such supporting organizations for Debian, and for the Free Software
community general. The legal and financial framework they provide is a
crucial contribution to ensure healthy and functional projects.

Recently, some work was done to clarify the status of organizations
holding Debian's assets, first to identify common evaluation criteria for
prospective Trusted Organizations[1], and then to evaluate, with respect
to those criteria, our current de-facto Trusted Organizations and two
prospective Trusted Organizations.
[1] https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/DPL/TrustedOrganizationCriteria

We are now ready to announce a first official list of Debian Trusted
Organizations, per the process defined in the Debian Constitution §5.1.11
and §9, and after the required public discussions.

So, here it comes. The list of Debian Trusted Organizations is:

 + Software in the Public Interest, Inc. (SPI)
   (per our Constitution)

 + Förderung Freier Informationen und Software (ffis e.V.)
   Discussion: https://lists.debian.org/debian-project/2014/03/msg00132.html

 + Debian France
   Discussion: https://lists.debian.org/debian-project/2014/03/msg00012.html

 + DebConf Deutschland e.V.
   Discussion: https://lists.debian.org/debian-project/2014/04/msg00070.html

Note that there are still a few other organizations holding Debian assets
without being official Trusted Organizations (e.g.; Debian.ch). Work is
ongoing to clarify their status.

- Lucas

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