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RT News - New member, freeze reminder and last Squeeze release

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 * New Member <NEW-MEMBER>
 * Freeze reminder <FREEZE>
 * Last point release for Squeeze <SQUEEZE>
 * Automatic transition tracker generation <ATTG>
 * GCC-4.9 default for Jessie <GCC-DEF>

New Member <NEW-MEMBER>

Lucas already updated the delegation[DELEGATION] for this back in May,
but we would like to keep this tradition alive.

So please give a warm welcome to our newest member, Emilio Pozuelo
Monfort (pochu), who joined the Release Team as a Release Assistant.

[DELEGATION]: https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2014/05/msg00008.html

Freeze reminder <FREEZE>

We are quickly approaching the freeze, which is about ~4 months away!

  * In two months (5th of Sep), we will close down for transitions! Do
    not start new transitions after this date. They might result in
    removals from jessie or reverts in unstable.

  * In two months (5th of Sep), we will also do the final architecture

  * In three months (5th of Oct), we will slowly start the freeze by
    increasing the testing migration delay to *10 days*.
    - Security fixes or severe issues can have that time reduced on
      request (don't expect us to find these on our own).

  * In three months (5th of Oct), there will be a final review of the
    security team's list of unsupportable packages.

If you have any outstanding issues or papercuts, you want to have
fixed for Jessie, now would be a good time to get them done. We are
aiming for a short freeze, so any changes you want to get into the
release, should get into Jessie before the start of the freeze.

*Remember*: On the 5th of November, the version of your package *in
 testing* must be in its desired state for Jessie.

 * Just uploading your package to unstable is *not enough*.  You must
   ensure that it reaches testing before the 5th of November, keeping
   in mind that the testing migration delay will be 10 days starting
   October 5th.

 * If your package has trouble migrating to Jessie, you should contact
   us before the start of the freeze.

 * If your package was autoremoved, it has to be back in Jessie before
   the 5th of November if you want to be sure it is included in the
   final release.

 * Uploads to unstable of large changes that do not reach Jessie
   before the freeze greatly reduce the chance that your package will
   be part of the release.

Last point release for Squeeze <SQUEEZE>

The Release Team is preparing the last point release of Squeeze, which
is planned for the weekend of 19th-20th of July.  After this date, the
Debian Release Team and the Debian Security Team will no longer issue
any updates for Squeeze.

For users who wish to stay with Squeeze a bit longer, we recommend
that you use and support the Squeeze LTS project.  Please keep in mind
that Squeeze LTS is only provided for a limited set of architectures
(i386 and amd64), and that you need to update your sources.list to use
Squeeze LTS.

You can read more on migrating to Squeeze LTS in [LTS-USING]. If you
are interested in supporting the LTS project, you can help with
development/updates[LTS-DEVEL] and/or donations[LTS-DONATIONS].

[LTS-USING]: https://wiki.debian.org/LTS/Using

[LTS-DEVEL]: https://wiki.debian.org/LTS/Development

[LTS-DONATIONS]: http://www.freexian.com/services/debian-lts.html

Automatic transition tracker generation <ATTG>

We have been extending our prototype tool for automatic detecting of
transitions.  Now it detects:

 * Ongoing transitions
   - I.e. those active in sid.

 * Almost finished transition
   - I.e. library has migrated but is waiting for some of its reverse
     dependencies before the transition is over.

 * "Planned" transitions
   - These are guessed from what is uploaded to experimental.

This means you can now upload your library to experimental and it will
create a tracker for your transition, which will give you an idea of
the scope of the transition.  Please keep in mind that:

 * This is /not/ a replacement for the current processes. Contact the
   release team before starting a transition.
   - If you are hoping to complete this transition for Jessie, then
     please file a transition bug against release.debian.org

 * The tool cannot detect all types of transitions.  It only looks for
   the most common types.
   - Transitions it does not detect include:
     * Removal of package $X (e.g. "python3.3-rm").
     * From source to source transitions (e.g. the "tiff3 -> tiff4"
   - Should yours not be one of those kinds, you will still need to
     send us a "ben" file for your transition.

 * The generated ben file by the tool, is simple and makes
   - Verify that the auto-generated file matches your expectations.

 * While the tool checks experimental, ben only looks in sid.

 * The tool will only generate /one/ tracker per source package it
   - It has a reliable but simple algorithm to pick from multiple
     choices ("ongoing" first).

GCC-4.9 default for Jessie <GCC-DEF>

Matthias Klose announced his intent for GCC-4.9 to be the default
compiler for Jessie[GCC-4.9-INTENT].  This change has now been
implemented and FTBFS with gcc-4.9 bugs are now RC for Jessie.

We are investigating the feasibility of removing gcc-4.6 and gcc-4.7
before Jessie to reduce the maintenance burden.  If your package still
(build-)depends on gcc-4.6, gnat-4.6 or gcc-4.7, please consider
migrating away from them if possible.

[GCC-4.9-INTENT]: https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2014/05/msg00563.html
[GCC-4.9-BUGS]: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/pkgreport.cgi?users=debian-gcc@lists.debian.org;tag=ftbfs-gcc-4.9

Niels, on behalf of the Release Team

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