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Prospective Trusted Organizations - (FFIS), Debian France


Our constitution (5.1.11 and 9) describes a process to manage the list
of Trusted Organizations:

     The Project Leader may:

       Add or remove organizations from the list of trusted
       organizations (see §9.3) that are authorized to accept and hold
       assets for Debian. The evaluation and discussion leading up to
       such a decision occurs on an electronic mailing list designated
       by the Project Leader or their Delegate(s), on which any
       developer may post.  There is a minimum discussion period of two
       weeks before an organization may be added to the list of trusted

There are three organizations that never went through that process,
and that either we use as if they were already TOs, or they would like
to officially become a TO: FFIS, Debian.ch, and Debian France.

As previously announced, we (auditors, DPL helpers, myself) have been
working on a list of features that a TO is expected to provide, or could
provide, in order to use it as a basis for the public discussion.

I contacted Debian France and Debian.ch and asked them to describe how
they met those features.

I propose to not ask FFIS to answer those questions, given they have
been successfully handling some Debian assets for a long time (more than
10 years?). If nobody disagrees by the end of the two-week discussion
period, I will officially add FFIS to the list of TOs.

You will find below Raphael Hertzog's comments about Debian France (as
Raphael is Debian France's president). Please use the next two weeks to
ask follow-up questions. Based on this discussion, I will then decide
whether to add Debian France to our list of Trusted Organizations.

Debian.ch has not answered yet.

- Lucas

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From: Raphael Hertzog <hertzog@debian.org>
To: Lucas Nussbaum <leader@debian.org>
Cc: auditor@debian.org, ca@france.debian.net
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2014 22:42:27 +0100
Subject: Re: Evaluation criteria for (prospective) Trusted Organizations -- Debian France
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Hi Lucas,

On Fri, 07 Feb 2014, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> As you know, we (auditors, DPL helpers, myself) have been working on
> implementing Debian Constitution 5.1.11 and 9, that is, a process to
> manage the list of Trusted Organizations.
> As Debian France is interested in becoming a Debian Trusted
> Organization, and Debian is obviously interested in accepting Debian
> France as Trusted Organization, we would like to go through that
> process with you.

Sure, I'm ccing the Debian France board so that they can follow the process.

> There's a wiki page[1, also copied below for convenience] that lists
> features that a TO is expected to provide, or could provide. Could you
> please describe how Debian France compares to those features? If needed,
> we will then iterate a bit on your answers, and then I will forward them
> to debian-project@ to start the two-week public discussion period.
> [1] https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/DPL/TrustedOrganizationCriteria
> == The organization should share Debian's general visions ==
> The organization's bylaws, activities and political stance should not conflict
> with the Debian Social Contract.

The bylaws are in French here:

Many of the points are deferred to the internal rules document ("Règlement
Intérieur") available here:

(The latter document can be easily modified by the board)

The purpose of the association is to promote Debian and to help its
development. There's no conflict with the Debian Social Contract.
The bylaws now mention explicitly that Debian France might take
the role of Trusted Organization for Debian.

> == The organization should remain loyal to Debian ==
> The organization should be considered fully trustworthy, or provide guarantees
> that Debian's assets will be managed according to the Debian Project's
> decisions.

The current board contains 7 DD and 2 non-DD:

The internal rules imposes that the board must always be constituted of at
least 2/3 of Debian Project Members so that the association is always in
control of members of the Debian project.

The internal rules (section 10.4) exposes the conditions under which
Debian France is willing to act as a Trusted Organization. Basically we
will honour all requests of the DPL as long as we get the corresponding
invoice or appropriate supporting statement to meet our accounting

> == The organization should provide accountability on assets held in trust ==

We do manage our accounting with ledger in a git repository. We
intend to give access to that git repository to Debian auditors.

We will use some the ledger features to manage a separate "analytic
accounting" dedicated to the Debian project since the assets of Debian
will be kept separate from the assets of Debian France (at least
at the accounting level if not at the bank account level).

> == The organization should be reliable, sustainable, and reactive ==

The persons who have access to the bank account (via a web interface) are
the president (me) and the treasurer (Sylvestre Ledru). We are the two
interlocutors of the DPL when it comes to actual reimbursement requests.

I expect Sylvestre to handle the bulk of the work and I will be there as a
backup. In the future, if the workload requires it, we can consider adding
a vice-treasurer.

I let it up to you to decide if we are reliable. :-)

> == The organization should provide a reasonable financial framework ==
>  * Donations and sponsorship are tax-deductible for the donor

We can provide receipts for tax-deductibility, they are valid in France at
least. I don't know their status in other countries.

>  * Donations, sponsorship, income from sales and transfers from other
>    TOs are not subject to income tax

That's the case.

>  * There are no major restrictions on what kind of expenses can be made,
>    either due to the organization's bylaws or to the legal framework of
>    the organization

The only restriction that we have put is that we want a "supporting
statement" (required for proper accounting) for any operation that we are
going to handle in behalf of the Debian project. That said if the DPL
asks us the reimburse some jewelry, we might require more than an invoice
to explain how buying that jewelry serves the purpose of the Debian
project and hence of Debian France.

>  * There are no major restrictions on how the organization could
>    transfer assets to another TO

Well, wire transfers is what we use. We also have a paypal account if

> == Additional opportunities ==
> Some organizations might offer additional services to their affiliated
> organizations, such as legal counsel.
> Some organizations have might plans that result in possible income
> for Debian, such are giving to Debian some of the result of the sale of
> merchandising.

In Debian France, we keep the assets of the Debian project clearly
separate from the Debian France assets. The earnings of the merchandising
go into the Debian France assets. That said if we have benefits, we
might decide to give a part of those to the Debian project.

Raphaël Hertzog ◈ Debian Developer

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