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Re: Left-handed version of DMZ cursor theme.

On Wed, 2019-06-26 at 13:18 +0300, Марьин Денис wrote:

> Here I have a doubt whether the whole art repo is needed for cursors
> package, it looks like overkill to me. What if I just mention that
> "this was pulled from OpenSUSE repo at ... etc." in Readme?

You would only be able to keep the history if you fork the whole repo.
After the fork delete all the other files and git move the DMZ files to
the top level of the new git repository.

> Another thing which I doubt is that maybe left-handed cursors is
> feature not needed to community as after so many years of evolution
> it is not yet in repos already... 

I think it is more that the DMZ cursor theme is no longer maintained
and no longer used by GNOME by default.

I also think that even though the new GNOME Adwaita cursor theme has
left-handed cursors, GNOME doesn't appear to have the ability to use
them any more. The same goes for MATE, the GNOME 2 fork. Changing the
mouse to left-handed doesn't change the cursor icons even after logout.

So I think that left-handed people must either be using the standard
right-handed cursors or be manually changing their cursor theme to
entirely separate left-handed cursor themes.



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