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Re: Left-handed version of DMZ cursor theme.

On Wed, 2019-06-26 at 12:48 +0300, Марьин Денис wrote:

> I asked Jacub, he answered that he didn't touch DMZ theme for ages
> and does not remember where it was hosted. So at a first glance I
> wanted to just create repo on Github and start there from scratch
> taking SVGs from current Debian packaging.

I suggest forking the gitorious opensuse art repo instead, so that you
keep the history of the upstream project.

> The major issue is absence of animated spinner anywhere in SVGs, I
> guess it must be the mentioned tango-spinner.blender.

That is available in the gitorious opensuse art repo.

> So right now I seem to be stuck with this, as I don't have required
> artistic skills. 

Probably you can skip needing artistic skills by just adding some code
to the build process to flip the right handed cursors horizontally.



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