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Re: Left-handed version of DMZ cursor theme.

On Fri, Jun 14, 2019 at 7:21 PM Марьин Денис wrote:

> So, if I got it right, the very first step might be to fork https://salsa.debian.org/gnome-team/dmz-cursor-theme right?

No, that would just fork the Debian packaging, you need a new upstream
location for the DMZ cursor theme. The old location was on gitorious
in the openSUSE art repository. Looking at Repology and also at a web
search, there are a few potential upstreams (listed below), but none
of them seem very official or active and none seem to have done it
properly by forking the old openSUSE art repository. So all of them
are missing the Blender source file tango-spinner.blend, not sure if
any of the cursor images used that though. I think it is important to
keep the history of the theme by forking the old openSUSE art
repository. I note that the original author of the DMZ cursor theme is
Jakub Steiner <jimmac@gmail.com> so it would probably also be a good
idea to seek his advice on what to do about the maintenance of the DMZ
cursor theme.


> Then left-handed cursors might be added there, and then something should happen for Debian maintainers to pick up this repo.

I'm looking at the DMZ cursor theme package in Debian and I see that
there are actually already some left and right handed cursor images,
but not for all of the images. The same goes for the default GNOME
cursor theme Adwaita. Unfortunately I don't know how to make GNOME use
a left handed cursor, making the mouse left-handed instead of right
handed changes the click side but not the cursor image.

Any new cursor images should be added in the new upstream location, so
that all distros who package the DMZ cursor theme can get the new
cursor images.

In addition, all the PNG images should get deleted from the repository
and instead they should be created automatically at build time using
the rendering script, so that everyone gets the source SVGs and knows
that they can modify them and re-render the cursor images.

> I am going to try forking and adding, but unfortunately I have no idea how to signal Debian guys to pick up my repo.

Once there is a new upstream location for development of the DMZ
cursor theme, then you can file a bug against the Debian
dmz-cursor-theme package asking for it to use the new upstream. Then
also do the same thing for the other packages listed on Repology so
everyone gets the new theme.

PS: I note that GNOME no longer uses the DMZ cursor theme so I expect
the Debian GNOME team would orphan the package and leave updating it
to someone who uses it.



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